Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tulip Tiptoe

A year ago while on vacation I made some fabulous dolls using the Kit, Chloe, Louise patterns from Wee Wonderfuls.    I made three dolls one for each of my nieces and was planning on making one for my little lady but time got the better of me.  So I thought I would make it for her 4th birthday (which is January 2013) but, she really wanted one and has been kindly, patiently asking me for one for an entire year!  She went through my stash and picked all the details .... dark pink hair, polka dot bloomers and dress.  Without further adieu here's Tulip!!

She is so perfectly happy with her new friend!  If you are interested in a Tulip doll please message me through my etsy shop or get in touch with me on Facebook 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The lion sleeps tonight

In the jungle the mighty jungle.....

This this regal fellow was a custom order. He measures a mighty 13 inches and will ROAR those midnight monsters away with a loving cuddle.  Come by my Facebook page to see what other creations I'm working on

The king of the jungle was made using a Funky Friends Factory pattern

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kitty Kate

I just finished my first Kitty Kate.

She's super soft and has a very sunny disposition  :) she is the first to be shipped out.  Bon Voyage Kate!!

This was made from a Funky Friends Factory pattern

Monday, June 10, 2013

Danger! Monsters!

i had some visitors come in from the rain today.  You'll find these totally cute, squish-able, mini Hug-a monsters in the shop.  pattern courtesy of rebecca danger

and roaring right behind them is this custom Dino and of course this is funky friends factory pattern  :)

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I've opened shop!

it's been almost a year since my last post, and i really don't have an excuse except that my laptop died and i wasn't happy posting with my ipad.  lousy excuse i know, but that combined with trying to keep up with the demands of 2 people under 4 feet tall left me ragged  :)

 I have since found my fire and regained my passion for crafting of all sorts. since i have only 2 littles to make for and all this pent up crafty energy i decided to open up shop on etsy!!  i'm super excited!  i've been thinking about this for along time and only took the plunge when a dear friend pushed me over the edge :) 

i've name the shop little Luckies after the 2 luckiest things that ever happended to me :) and i have have plans to eventually change the name of the blog too.

i'm still working out exactly what will be in the shop.  i enjoy making everything from stuffed animals, crocheted hats, cowls, baby blankets......  right now i am happy to just make and list.

you never know what you will find :)  so, if you like some of the examples you see on today's blog 'like' me on facebook to keep up to date on the projects i'm working on.  interested in something custom you can message me through the etsy shop.   wish me LUCK!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

here we go again

it's that time of year again!  time for the Summer Sweater Knit Along hosted by the one and only Shannon of luvinthemommyhood.

and this year i'm gonna do it! that's right i'm gonna do it!  i saved the yarn that i ordered last year just for this KAL, and i am determined to turn this beautiful yarn into a sweater that i can wear.  ahh the softness of malabrigio rios...  i'm loving every stitch i knit with this beautiful yarn.  even my sweet little lady couldn't put it down.

the sweater i've chosen to knit up is Harvest Moon a simple top down cardigan. this is the first adult sized sweater that i will have made.  and if all things go well with this sweater the hubs may get his wish and have a sweater knit up in time for his birthday next year.

i am not the fastest knitter, probably because i spend much too much time reading the posts on the KAL Ravelry group and roaming Pinterest (and let's face it Pinning is not just a hobby anymore :) ).

i did mange to swatch and get gauge! i never swatch...  seriously.  because i usually make things for the kids i just figure if it's too big they'll grow into it, so why bother swatching.  but i'm concerned about fit, drape and all that jazz and, will definitely follow the rules when it comes to knitting sweaters on a large scale.

so if you need a new sweater for the coming fall and enjoy a good KAL be sure to sign at luvinthemommyhood to join in all the fun.  Shannon has a great line up of guest posts, sponsors and prizes and you gotta check out the discussion group on Ravelry, the girls there are a great bunch. 

Monday, April 09, 2012

hop along

this year i am trying to make it my mission to give handmade gifts at least 75% of the time. and so far so good :) the kids each got a handmade item for their birthdays hers and his. my mums birthday was a of couple weeks ago and i gave her a photo-book filled with pics of the kids from last year. i also have plans to make her a Colour Affection shawl for mothers day. I have pics of other gifts that i'll share later but right now i want to show you my latest... a nest of bunnies!


i made 8 bunnies one each for my 2 kidlets and, the nieces and nephews for Easter-obviously :) it was quite an undertaking especially when i realized that easter was a week earlier than i thought it was.  i really had to kick my butt into gear. needless to say there were quite a few nights that turned into mornings with me still at the machine. i had to take a couple afternoon naps to get myself through but,  the kids were happy to let me because they got to watch their favourite show.

i'm so proud of those little bunny noses.  aren't they cute!  originally i was going to skip their noses because my embroidery skills suck but, what's a bunny without a cute pink twitchy nose.  somehow they turned out one thousand times better than i had expected, not perfect but almost there.  perhaps it was, as my mother would say - divine intervention?

of course i couldn't make such cute bunnies without the pattern from Pauline of Funky Friends Factory.  the finished pattern size i think is about 10 inches,  i enlarged the pattern to 145%  at the local Staples and my bunnies came out to about 20 inches (not including the ears).

if you've ever considered making a little plush animal for your favourite little person hop on over and give Pauline a visit.  her patterns are easy enough for even a beginner sewer to follow.

though nobody would be able to tell, each bunny was made separately and specifically for each child. there are little things about each bunny that when making them i thought of one of the kids and marked them that way.


 i know that all the kids loved their new bunnies and i hoep they cherish them for years to come.  mine went to bed hugging them with big smiles.  lucas said his favourite part about easter was his two bunnies, the one mama made and of course the chocolate one he got.


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